Group work on Ada Lovelace

Dear pupils,

last week we talked about a group work on Ada Lovelace. It consists of creating a sort of poster about her, including biographical notes, among other aspects of Ada’s life.

These are the requirements that your work has to meet:

  1. The work is to be printed on a single white A3 sheet. You can start from the given Office Impress template. Deliver a Power Point file, Office Impress file or any other digital file that we can show on the digital blackboard at the classroom.
  2. The title must be “Leading women you should know”.
  3. The subtitle must be “Ada Lovelace”.
  4. Include the portrait of Ada Lovelace.
  5. Include a QR code to the YouTube video “Pioneras de la informática”.
  6. Include a section titled “Who was she?”. It must include brief biographical highlights and make clear what was Ada’s most important achievement.
  7. Include a section titled “What is a computer program?”. It must describe briefly and in your own words what a computer program is and an example of what it can do. Add some image if you like.
  8. Include a section title “Following Ada’s footsteps”. Choose at least one current woman that is as important nowadays as Ada was and explain why. Include a picture.
  9. Include any other section you find suitable (for instance, “Ada’s last years” or “Current programming languages”).
  10. Include a section with the names of the authors of the work and your class.

The best work will be chosen for display on the Coeducation Wall at the corridor.

Nicety, accuracy and freshness will be taken into account to select the best work.

Deadline for delivering the works: November the 18th

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